Qrisis  has been performing for the past 20 years across the U.S.A. from Florida to California. isisband brings it's unique brand of covers and originals to the stage to please crowds of all ages.  Huge arenas to intimate gatherings, Qrisis band will bring their strong grooves and pristine vocals to your venue!

With all of the happenings over in the middle east and with respect to NATO and the suffrage of the refugees.  We have changed the name to Qrisis (CRY SUS)  you can read the rest in the blog below


We are changing our name 

As much as I hate to do this after 25 years, it has become time to change the name of my band!!! There is just way too many negative things going on in the world because of the fanatics that are called IS in Europe and ISIL by our leaders and our media winning the battle of names, calling them ISIS. I also feel we need to change our name out of respect to those who have lost loved ones recently. Our media will keep calling them ISIS and will not change even though it is a female name. Sad thing is, I have a friend with this as her birth name frown emoticon Time to move on unfortunately as much I don't like it!!!!!
You can keep this page as a LIKE page because we changed our name on here and nothing will change for you.

SO HERE IT IS ....."Qrisis"..... you pronounce it Crisis..
our website is 

I am sure some of you will not like the new name. Thing is, I've had many friends sending me new band names they thought were good. Some were OK and others were silly. After 25 years it is not easy to change a name and I thought we should keep it close to what it was.
Its really not about our name at this point. We have been around for years and doing our best to make people happy, dance, travel down memory lane and have a great time in general. We will continue to do that as long as you all want to hear popular songs that make you HAPPY.
I will personally start to slow down my singing career after 31 years in the business. The good news is the band members are excited and working hard on continuing without me. Around 12 months from now, I will be in and out of the band when I can. Of course you will all know when this happens as we will constantly post on FB and website our dates and when I will join the band on stage. For now, I'm still singing with Qrisis full time:-)
I hope to still see many of you at future shows and if you are no longer coming to see us, make plans to stop feeling old or being a couch potato and come out and hang with us soon.
Kevin Williams "Qrisis"

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